#yourwater - Becky


Hey everyone, it’s Becky here. This month I wanted to use my first blog post (yay!) to talk a bit about the #yourwater movement: what it is, how it came about and how you can get involved.


On a recent survey about eyecare in Tanzania, one participant chose not to wear glasses “Because I see my (eyesight) improving by eating vegetables and fruits… mostly carrot .” This is a prime example of how a lack of access to education inhibits the proper uptake of life-changing technology.   To overcome this, we’re not just launching the Blue Tap purifier, we also want to kickstart a #yourwater campaign to empower people and educate them to take control of their own water systems. Alongside the technology we’re passionate about raising awareness in the UK and beyond for global water issues as the water situation is changing more rapidly than ever.



So, what exactly is #yourwater? It’s a movement designed to empower local people in the developing world to take control of their own water supply. It’s a movement designed to empower local plumbers to expand their business by providing people with safe, household water. The World Health Organisation says: “interventions to treat and maintain the microbial quality of water at the household level are among the most promising”.  Would people in the UK be satisfied with sharing a tap between a village of people? We think not; with the Blue Tap technology, shared, unsafe, village water taps will be a thing of the past. The movement is the joining of people all over the world, to discuss and find about more about WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) programs as well as raising awareness for clean water issues.

When it came to setting up our social media and website, I spent a lot of time thinking about what this would mean to people in the UK and rest of the developed world. What’s the relevance of safe water education to people who mostly take it for granted?

The first reason that came to mind was exactly that – we take safe water for granted! It takes vast amounts of energy to process that water and pump it to our houses – think how much time and energy could be saved if we just thought a bit more about the amount of water we waste.

It’s also worth reiterating that safe drinking water is a fundamental human right and in this age of Tinder and robot vacuum cleaners it is appalling that children are still dying from the lack of safe water. Nonetheless, most people are aware of this already. We decided that the role of the #yourwater in the UK isn’t about repeating what current organisations are already saying. Rather, we want to use our movement to empower those with safe water to learn more about those without, but also to create links between the technical expertise in Cambridge, and people who are looking to use household-water treatment technologies.

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So how can you get involved with the #yourwater campaign? For starters, keeping up with us on social media is a great way to find out more about our work and the ever-changing global water situation. If you want to do more, you can give an hour of your time to help us out with a particular skill that you have. Film makers, graphic designers and people who know about finance (us hippies are struggling with this) are particularly in demand at the moment – check out our website for more details.

People, not products make a change. We have a product that we know has the potential to change  lives in a substantial way. It’s people that will drive that change. I’m hoping to be one of them. Are you?