rainwater harvesting - uganda

Blue Tap has funded the installation of a rainwater harvesting system and tank at the DSC so that the students can have a back-up water supply and greater water security in times of drought. This is saving the centre a huge amount on their water bill - meaning more money is available for the courses run there! The centre serves around 200 students a year and runs courses specifically to help refugees gain new skills and integrate with the community.


Capacity building - uganda

Blue Tap has trained over 30 plumbers and plumbing students in good water treatment practice and entrepreneurship. Plumbers were recruited from the Mbarara Plumber’s Association and the Nyamitanga Technical School.

Chlorine dosing and general good water storage practice were the main themes of the water session, with marketing and business expansion the major themes of the entrepreneurship sessions. All training was free and all plumbers said they would recommend the training to fellow plumbers!


Chlorine injectors - uganda/mexico

The WHO says that one of the “most promising” strategies for tackling global water issues is household solutions. Chlorine is also generally regarded as the best method for killing bacteria, as a small amount of chlorine remains in the water to prevent re contamination. However chlorine dosing is difficult as the amount required is difficult to predict and often the chlorine does not mix properly

The Blue Tap chlorine injectors put the right amount of chlorine into household water supplies, making the water drinkable. This project started in Mexico City, but is developing in Uganda.


table-top water filters - tanzania

Blue Tap are currently doing an implementation study of the Tulip Table-top water filters in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in partnership with the Cambridge Development Initiative, Kite Dar-es-Salaam and Basic Water Needs. These filters are very simple and use no electricity. We are therefore looking into how best to get these to the very poorest people. This project has investigated a vendor scheme, water-awareness workshops, Instagram, WhatsApp and posters.


university of cambridge plastic footprint - uk

Blue Tap are currently in partnership with the University of Cambridge Catering Services to reduce their plastic footprint by replacing plastic, single use bottles with the Blue Tap re-usable bottles. You can find our bottles in all the University Cafes and in the Darwin College Cafe too!

All the profits from our bottles go to supporting our other projects in developing countries.



Student Intern Project - UK


Name: Suhaa Mahmood


Title of project: Implementing a pressure feedback system in Blue Tap’s chlorine injector


The Blue Tap Chlorine Injector uses Bernoulli’s principle to inject Chlorine into a water pipe. This student project will focus on integrating a pressure feedback system with the current chlorine injector design, in order to produce a flow ratio which is constant and independent of the upstream water pressure.