Our projects


Rainwater Harvesting - Uganda

Blue Tap has funded the installation of a rainwater harvesting system and tank at the DSC so that the students can have a back-up water supply and greater water security in times of drought. This will also save the centre a huge amount on their water bill - meaning more money is available for the courses run there!

Chlorine injectors - uganda/mexico

The Blue Tap chlorine injectors put the right amount of chlorine into household water supplies, making the water drinkable. This project started in Mexico City, but is developing in Uganda.


Student Intern Project - UK

Name: Suhaa Mahmood

Email: sm2298@cam.ac.uk

Title of project: Implementing a pressure feedback system in Blue Tap’s chlorine injector


The Blue Tap Chlorine Injector uses Bernoulli’s principle to inject Chlorine into a water pipe. This student project will focus on integrating a pressure feedback system with the current chlorine injector design, in order to produce a flow ratio which is constant and independent of the upstream water pressure.


table-top water filters - tanzania

Blue Tap are currently doing an implementation study of the Tulip Table-top water filters in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in partnership with the Cambridge Development Initiative, Kite Dar-es-Salaam and Basic Water Needs.