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Making tap water drinkable, everywhere.

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 2.1 billion people across the world cannot turn on their tap and feel confident their water is safe to drink. Current water treatment solutions are overpriced and unreliable. Blue Tap aims to remedy this.

Chlorination is a safe, affordable way to treat water, with the added bonus that chlorine protects water, even after it leaves the tap. A tiny amount of chlorine can treat enough drinking water for thousands of people.

Our technology puts exactly the right amount of chlorine into tap water, making it both safe and tasty to drink. Accurate, affordable and reliable chlorine dosing.

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About us

Our solution

Blue Tap provides water treatment for decentralised water systems, ensuring every glass of tap water is clean, safe and enjoyable to drink. Our clean water solution improves water quality for schools, hospitals, rural and urban communities and institutions across the world.

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Our Partners

 We partner with NGOs, charities, and small water service providers including private borehole operators, water vendors and water kiosks. Below is a selection of our customers, collaborators and funders.

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