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Blue Tap has been working in East Africa since 2018, running pilot trials, human-centred design workshops and implementing clean water projects across the region.



In 2021-2022, Blue Tap ran a year long field trial of their technology in Kenya in partnership with the University of Oxford's REACH programme.


2018 - 2019

From 2018 to 2019, Blue Tap ran human-centred design workshops along with water management training programmes in Mbarara, Uganda to co-develop our technology with local plumbers.



In 2018, Becky, Blue Tap CIO led the distribution of table top filters in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in partnership with the Cambridge Development Initiative, KITE, and Basic Water Needs.



Blue Tap are partnering with the University of Oxford's REACH programme and Kenyan NGO, FundiFix in a year-long partnership to install water treatment technology on community water points in Kitui, Kenya. 

In addition, Blue Tap has carried out business development and entrepreneurship training in, Nairobi Kenya, with engineering students from Strathmore University.


Human-centred design with the Mbarara Plumbers' Association. 

In 2019, Blue Tap trained over 30 plumbers and plumbing students in water treatment and entrepreneurship. We partnered with the Mbarara Plumber’s Association and the Nyamitanga Technical School in Mbarara to carry out our flagship 2-day training course.

Day 1 focused on water treatment and water quality management, and included human-centred design sessions, so we could integrate feedback from technicians into the design of our chlorine doser.


Day 2 focused on small business management, customer acquisition and entrepreneurial skills such as financial management. All training was free for participants.



Table-top filter distribution.

In 2019, Blue Tap carried out a 3-month project looking at international distribution of simple, low-cost, filters. The filters require no electricity and can provide populations without access to centralised water with a reliable means to purify water under their roof.


While in Tanzania, the Blue Tap team implemented a vendor scheme to sell the filters and carried out water-awareness workshops. We experimented with advertising through Instagram and WhatsApp and engaging customers with promotions.

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