Our Service

Our end-to-end chlorination service takes away the hassle and complication of chlorinating water. We take care of everything chlorine-related including:

Chlorine provision 

Chlorine refill

Dosing technology installation 

Technology troubleshooting

Maintenance & management

Water quality monitoring 

Our Solution

A complete chlorination service

Chlorination is the world’s most affordable and effective water treatment method. A tiny amount of chlorine can treat thousands of litres of water, making it safe to drink. At Blue Tap, we've developed automated in-line chlorine dosing and remote water quality monitoring technology. Our dosing technology includes an innovative pressure feedback system, ensuring chlorine dosing is accurate, flow-dependent and responds to water quality input. 


We constantly monitor the level of chlorine inserted into the water supply, to ensure water quality meets national and WHO standards. Blue Tap provides water treatment and monitoring technology that is ideally suited for healthcare centres, schools, hospitals and community water points. 

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