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About us

Our Beginning 

Blue Tap is part of the Thermofluidics group, which was formed in February 2006. Since then, we have developed a portfolio of technologies and now have a range of water pumping solutions to address a variety of challenges in the agricultural and building services sectors. Blue Tap has been working on the development of water treatment solutions since 2018.  

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Water Testing Kit


Our DCC chlorinators are solar PV powered. They treat water with no chemical additions, including salt, relying instead on ions naturally present in the source water. This approach combines onsite chlorine production and accurate chlorine dosing into one seamless and fully-automated process, with no dependence on consumable materials and minimal operating costs.

We have two complete field-ready units, with parts available for up to ten.  Our Direct Contact Chlorinators (DCC) now reliably treat microbially contaminated water containing 13ppm (13mg/L) or more of chloride ions, to within a user-settable range of 1–5(±0.5)ppm; in line with WHO guidelines. The field-ready units pictured are based around our own proprietary power electronics to modulate electrolyser current with varying flow rates and chloride levels.

Sustainable Development Goal 6

Clean water is the bedrock of good public health, and now more than ever, after the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to ensure the global population’s health is as good as it can be. Good health starts with good water access. We are committed to supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6 in every country across the world.

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