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Blue Tap in Kenya

The Blue Tap team have returned to Kenya for a second trial of our chlorine dosing technology. CTO, Tom and CIO, Becky have spent much of March in Kitui, Kenya with our partners, FundiFix installing our final prototype (prior to mass manufacture) on community water points. Additionally, Blue Tap has been working with Cambridge’s Centre for Global Equality (CGE) on an iTeams project with students from the University of Strathmore. This is the first time that iTeams have run an international project, the aim of which is to engage students in entrepreneurial thinking and real-world enterprise challenges.

Water quality tests demonstrate the impact of chlorine on water quality. On the left are the results of water treated with chlorine - an absence of yellow squares indicates the water is free from bacteria. Water that is untreated (centre and right) shows the presence of e.coli bacteria that cause sickness.

Blue Tap is now looking for commercial partners interested in manufacturing and distributing the chlorine doser in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Get in touch if you think you could benefit from working with Blue Tap.

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